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Time and Health

Last week I have been very busy with office work. So it will be difficult to me to post every day. I cannot imagine how Dorren Rowse can post 50 articles per day and having many blogs. Last two week I had a two football matches in Government Link Universities Games. My team draw one […]

Steroids Abuse in Sports

When in come to drug abuse or steroid abuse in sports, normally we refer to the doping scandal. The doping scandal is not only staining the integrity of sporting events but they also put athletes own long-term health at risk. History Back in 77C in the original Olympic Games, the use of performance enhancing drugs […]

Teeth Whitening: Do it at home in easy way

Choosing teeth whitening product is somehow put us in confusing condition. Before buying the right teeth whitening products usually we think about its effectiveness, it must save our time and affordable. However do you know that there are a few ways of home teeth whitening methods. You can give it a try without no harms. […]

Fit and Fitter 2

Again for seven days I completed no smoking challenge. The motivation behind that is “I want to play football for full time”, “I want to show my potential” and “I am a good player, don’t look down on me”. Monday: Jog 5 rounds of football field. Tuesday: Jog 5 rounds of football field. Wednesday: Full […]

Fit and Fitter

It’s seven days now and I only smoke two times. Is it amazing? For me it’s a victorious moment. For the last seven days, I involve in a lot of healthy activities except on Wednesday when it was heavy rain and and I couldn’t go to the gym. Monday: Gym session. 15 minutes cycling. 15 […]